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Protecting People and Assets

EEC Product Lines

Weather Radar Systems

EEC designs, manufactures, installs and supports a complete array of X, C and S-Band weather radar systems. We provide customized solutions for clients around the globe that fit any need and survive every environment.

Endurance C Series

Endurance C systems provide for ultra-wideband performance and low life-cycle costs thanks to advanced solid-state power amplifiers operating in the widest C-Band frequency range available.
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Defender C Series

For geographic areas with diverse and dynamic weather conditions, nothing offers greater value for the money than EEC's line-up of popular C-Band weather radars.
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Defender S Series

With the ultimate long-range view, the EEC S-Band radar gives you the ability to plan, predict, and protect – before severe weather strikes.
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Defender X Series

EEC's X-Band weather radar system is ideal for short and medium applications that require any combination of accuracy, mobility, and of course, reliability.
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Ranger® X-Band Radar Systems

Ranger is the perfect synthesis of reliability, power and total portability, proving that big things really do come in small packages.
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iQ2 Signal Processor

The IQ2-RSP employs cutting edge hardware and software technology to achieve the highest weather radar data resolution and system control accuracy.
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Display & Analysis Software

Interpret useful weather information in ways that you never thought possible with our powerful suite of weather radar control and data display software.
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Satellite Ground Stations

TeleSpace completes the remote sensing picture with an integrated system of hardware and software for the collection, processing, display, and distribution of data from the space-based environmental observing system.


Proteus is a multi-platform forecasting application, designed for detailed integration and analysis of meteorological satellite imagery and data.
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Oberon-XL & XLE

Designed for more than 160 ocean, land, and atmospheric analysis applications, the Oberon-XL ground station is a comprehensive and turn key remote sensing solution. Approved for European applications and designed to meet those specifications, Oberon-XLE offers the exact same robust and comprehensive applications as the Oberon-XL system.
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Scheduled to launch in early 2016, the new GOES-R satellites will generate an exponentially larger amount of data than the current GOES series. Our Capella-GR ground stations are designed to handle this massive influx of high quality data.
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The eTelecast ground station is designed to ingest and process environmental data that is disseminated via commercial telecommunication geostationary satellites.
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Global Mosaic Software

EEC's Global Mosaic imagery displays the global nature of storms and cloud systems with a complete and up-to-date visual of weather patterns, automatically composited from multiple image sources.
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Himawari-8 is a high performance, turn-key ground station for weather forecasting and research.
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