EEC has been ISO 9001 certified without a break in coverage since 1987. EEC prides itself on our long history of application of the ISO 9001 for manufacturing weather radar and satellite ground station systems. The ISO 9001 standards are based on a number of quality mangement principles, including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top mangement, the process approach, and continual improvement. By utilizing ISO 9001 standards, EEC ensures our customers receive consistent, high-quality products and services every time. [Registration Number: 950 99 0537]

Protecting People and Assets
July 18th, 2024
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Endurance X Band Systems from EEC

This is the Future of X-Band

The new era of X-Band is here! Everything you want in an X-Band is in EEC's Endurance X weather radar system, featuring dual-polarity accuracy, solid-state transmitters, and low power consumption, all in one affordable and portable unit.

Put the Accuracy of Dual-Polarity to Work Anywhere

Operating on the shorter X-Band wavelength, EEC's Endurance X weather radars have dual-polarity built-in so they can detect even tiny particles, such as high altitude water droplets or light snow at short to mid-range distances. Its compact size means you can install it in a hard-to-reach permanent location or take it almost anywhere, anytime as a truly portable unit. And with a very affordable price, EEC's Endurance X is the ideal solution for everything from small airports to offshore oil platforms to rapid deployment military maneuvers.


This is what X-Band should be! Originally developed by EEC in collaboration with the prestigious Advanced Radar Research Center at the University of Oklahoma, the affordable Endurance X5 is a compact system featuring a 500-watt dual- polarity, advanced solid-state transmitter and very low power consumption.

EEC's turnkey design, manufacturing, and installation processes allow us to configure your system to your exact specifications. Among the many options are a variety of full-featured control and display systems, and precise Doppler processing through our super-sensitive digital receivers. You can even choose permanent or mobile installation options.

Dual-Polarization – The Future is Here Today

Over 15 years ago, EEC pioneered dual-polarity radar. Today, all of our weather radar models are equipped with our new, highly advanced dual-polarization system incorporating features that are years ahead of anything else on the market.

Working with world-renowned experts and the University of Oklahoma's Advanced Radar Research Center, we have developed better algorithms and end-to-end dual-polarization measurements. This not only results in more accurate estimates of rainfall, but also provides better discrimination between different types of precipitation and non-meteorological signals, such as birds, insects, dust storms, or even the debris field of an approaching tornado.

We have also developed proprietary technology to significantly improve clutter suppression performance in our popular and dependable solid-state systems. The final result is obvious – EEC dual-polarity systems provide the highest resolution data available in the industry.

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  • Algorithms developed and specifically tuned for performance at X-Band
  • Advanced technologies in a compact and light-weight design
  • Ultra high resolution data for short and medium range weather detection
  • Designed for fixed installations or rapid mobile deployment
  • Dual transmitter design:
    • Allows for simultaneous or alternating dual-polarization modes
    • High availability
  • Low maintenance and Life-cycle costs
    • Simplified design removes complex wave guide and switches
    • Decreased system power consumption
    • Patent-pending revolutionary sealed bearing design
  • The most efficient pulse compression techniques available
  • Super-high resolution IQ2 16-bit digital signal-processor