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June 25th, 2024

eTelecast from EEC

Visualize and analyze re-broadcast data

The eTelecast ground station is designed to ingest and process environmental data that is disseminated via commercial telecommunication geostationary satellites.

Automatic reception, decryption, decompression, archiving, output and processing of EUMETCast, GEONETCast, HIMAWARI-Cast & CMA-Cast data.

The eTelecast ground station receives pre-processed geostationary data from communications satellites, providing a solution where direct broadcast reception is either not possible or not needed.

With its multiple antenna and receiver options, eTelecast is suited for different dissemination services, geographical locations and service requirements. Both Ku-Band and C-Band DVB and DVB-S2 transmissions are supported.

The eTelecast ground station seamlessly integrates with our powerful Proteus visualization and analysis software. A wide variety of standard data interchange output formats are available, including GeoTIFF, JPEG, netCDF and HDF5.

From manufacturing and engineering to final installation and training, the eTelecast ground station is a turn key system, providing all of the hardware and software required to collate and analyze re-broadcasted meteorological data.

Data Sources:

  • EUMETCast
  • GEONETCast
  • CMA-Cast


  • One-stop-shop reception mechanism allows users to receive many data streams via one reception station
  • Highly scalable system architecture
  • Integrates with EEC’s powerful Proteus satellite image processing package


  • Level 1 Satellite data from METEOSAT, METOP, GOES, MTSAT, HIMAWARI-8, FY2D, AQUA, TERRA
  • MODIS level 1 and 2 products covering selective geographical regions
  • Numerical weather forecasts
  • In-situ observational data.
  • Land application products
  • Global and regional marine meteorological and ocean surface products.