EEC has been ISO 9001 certified without a break in coverage since 1987. EEC prides itself on our long history of application of the ISO 9001 for manufacturing weather radar and satellite ground station systems. The ISO 9001 standards are based on a number of quality mangement principles, including a strong customer focus, the motivation and implication of top mangement, the process approach, and continual improvement. By utilizing ISO 9001 standards, EEC ensures our customers receive consistent, high-quality products and services every time. [Registration Number: 950 99 0537]

Protecting People and Assets
July 18th, 2024

Turnkey Weather Radar & Satellite Solutions

By managing every part of the production process in-house - from design and manufacturing to final installation - EEC stays focused on creating the most advanced weather radar systems and satellite ground stations for protecting people and assets.

End-to-End Solutions

For over 40 years, creating turnkey weather detection systems has been an important EEC advantage. Even today, your EEC weather radar is designed by EEC, manufactured by EEC, and installed by EEC. Plus your key personnel are trained by EEC.

Engineering and Design

From designing mammoth Klystron S-Band radar systems to pioneering a fiber-optic link for transporting huge amounts of dual-polarization data, our own EEC engineering staff develops the hardware that keeps EEC at the leading edge of technology. At the same time, EEC's in-house software engineers make our systems highly accurate yet practical, by creating the analytical and display tools that quickly turn raw data into dynamic displays.


To ensure our products perform up to the most stringent engineering specifications, we make our own components – from tiny printed circuit boards to huge antennae. In-house manufacturing also gives us the flexibility to vary a configuration to meet your exact specifications.


A well chosen installation location can make all the difference. That's why we help you determine the most optimal site. We install your system to maximize performance whether it's located in a river valley near a major city or on a mountain top overlooking the deserts of North Africa.

Satellite Data Collection & Display

With the addition of our new satellite ground station program named TeleSpace, EEC now provides government, military, meteorological, oceanographical, academic and other research organizations an efficient turn key solution for the manufacture, engineering and installation of satellite ground stations and applications for the collection, processing, analysis, display and distribution of meteorological and atmospheric data from meteorological satellite systems including GOES, MTSAT, FY-2 and COMS.

Protecting people and assets since 1971

Government agencies, meteorologists,hydrologists, broadcasters, and businesses around the world have chosen turnkey weather radar systems from EEC. Whether it is a powerful S-Band installation, one of our popular C-Band models, or our newest innovation—the portable, low-power Endurance X-Band system, EEC not only manufactures the best products, we also design, install, and support everything we make.
The result is the world's most advanced and diverse set of radar solutions.